You know how you can hear the same song over and over again and it doesn’t impress you that much, and then one day you hear it and it hits you, BAM! All of a sudden that song encompasses everything you feel in that moment and it strikes a chord so true you can’t help but be emotionally moved.

That is exactly how I feel about finally starting a side hustle. My husband started working towards becoming an online entrepreneur about 3 years ago and he now works successfully from home doing a mix of freelance and passive income work. During the last 3 years he has told me about the importance of multiple income streams, the power of creating your own brand and the satisfaction of making money while you nap. Pat Flynn was often a companion of ours on road trips, and words like hustle, content, seo, keywords, etc. became part of our everyday vernacular. Still through all of that exposure I never felt the need to push myself out of my comfortable full-time, benefits, 9-5 job paradigm.

That is until now.

2018 has been a year of growth, and one of my goals for this year is to read 50 books (I am currently at #27). While reading the book “The Gig Economy” by Diane Mulcahy (Book #11) everything finally clicked into place. I couldn’t tell you if it was merely the allotted amount of time that had to pass before the idea permeated my brain, or if it was the book that framed everything in a way that I finally understood, or if it was seeing my husband get to create his own working hours and sleep in, or if it was a mix of all three that pushed me over the ledge but thank goodness I finally took the leap.

This isn’t to say that I’ve become overly successful overnight or quit my job to solely pursue my online endeavors. I have made a total of $32 so far but that’s not bad considering I just got on the bandwagon a couple months ago. So far I have created a video course on Udemy entitled “Downsize, Organize & Thrive” which I had a lot of fun creating since tidying is a passion of mine. I have also started designing t-shirts through amazon merch and although I’ve only made one sale so far (to myself embarrassingly enough) I am loving the process and am really hoping I can get some traction there. The other project is the website you’re at right now, as I am anti-social media I needed a place to put all my random projects, so here we are!

My goal is to create another video course, create 100 different t-shirt designs and  consistently write content for It is a challenge to find time when I’m still working a full-time job but I am loving that when I get home I have a project to work on that brings me joy!


-The Queen of Dabbles