Summer is here, in all its sunny & humid glory! I have had a month of equal parts determination and exhaustion. My brain has been full to the brim with ideas, but between my full time job, attempting the Whole 30, and exercising regularly I have struggled to find time to sleep much less work on my side hustle consistently. My main focus for June has been to work on a new Udemy course entitled “Decluttered Bliss in 30 Days.” I’m very excited to release it and give people an actionable step-by-step program to get rid of the excess in their life.

Rebellion is the focus of my update for June. Now I am by no means a rebel, I once was walking around a school with my husband for a totally innocent late night walk and a police car pulled up. My initial reaction was to run! Fortunately my husbands was to talk reasonably to the officer and explain that we were just going for a walk. So needless to say I have a pretty strong fear of authority, even if I’m not doing anything remotely wrong.

That is why I’ve been working on freeing myself from self-inflicted bondage to what is expected of me. Now, I am by no means suggesting you disregard laws & safety regulations. You have to use your best judgement when applying rebelliousness.  What I am saying is that sometimes you have to ‘stick it to the man’ to help yourself live more in the moment.

For the first time in my life I called out of work for no reason other than I wanted the day off. Now this may seem trivial to many of you. But I have had perfect attendance, never even late at my current job since I started last August. I take pride in being dependable, I have used that word to describe myself ever since middle school where every report card would have that phrase plastered all over it. I’m the type to go to work when I’m not feeling well, or when the roads are a little icy.

Enter my mid-year evaluation on Thursday, my manager gave me average marks on everything (except for initiative which I received a slightly below average, but that I’ll save that soapbox for another post). Never was it even mentioned that I had perfect attendance for almost a year, something that I pride myself in wasn’t even brought up as a quick side note. There is nothing more frustrating in a job than feeling completely average (or in my case slightly under average)  and unappreciated, especially when you work in a large company like I do.

I decided then that I have been putting too my stock in being completely dependable for a job. It’s something that I put on myself that is not noticed or necessary for my job. Therefore when Friday morning rolled around I called out for the day and man was it the best decision I could’ve made. My husband Jordan and I have had very little time together recently and since he works from home we were able to spend the day together reconnecting.

I made breakfast and drank my coffee slowly, I read, we went to lunch at Jason’s Deli and sat outside in the sunshine. We went to see “The Incredibles II” and laid in hammocks in the afternoon. Basically it was a magical day that I would’ve completely missed out on had I done the ‘expected’ thing and go to work like a good girl. I felt more alive and engaged in the present moment then I have a good while. I’ve been very future focused and I needed the day to re engage with the amazing adventure called life right outside our front door.

Some of you may not relate to this post at all, but for me this was a huge step towards the best version of myself. I never skipped school, or a college class, or a day of work outside of being seriously ill. I realize now clinging to perfect attendance is a fruitless task, if I need a personal day to become a more revitalized and happy human being what could possibly be more important than that? I want to be brave, daring, and bold. I do not want to be boring, normal, and expected.

I challenge you to be a rebel this month. Do something unexpected, pay for someone’s coffee you don’t know, take a long weekend and reconnect with your family, dance in the rain, learn to ride a motorcycle. Be confined only by the limits of your imagination. Life flies by so fast we need to allow ourselves to be present in the present and appreciate any moment we can live fully alive.

–  Miranda