Living in a decluttered home has numerous benefits. You enjoy a space that looks beautiful and is in a constant state of tidiness. What you may not realize are that there are innumerable hidden benefits to having a decluttered home. So without further ado, here are 8 surprising benefits to having a decluttered home.

1. Organizing Takes Half The Time- ok so this one isn’t’ that surprising but it’s so crucial, less stuff means less time to put stuff away. Which means that you can spend more time enjoying your space and less time cleaning it.

2. You’ll value what you do have 2x as much – Put 20 things on a living room shelf and you won’t notice any of them, place 3 carefully selected valued items on the same shelf and you’ll get a dose of joy every time you walk past it. Clutter has a way of dulling our minds to what we own, get rid of more stuff and love what you have even more!

3. Your allergies will improve – Excess stuff is really good at collecting dust, just think about the increased surface area for dust created by all your toys and trinkets. Getting rid of the excess literally clears the air in your home. Also all that empty counter space is much easier to clean since you don’t have to move a mountain of items to get to it.

4. You’ll become less of a shopaholic- When you can actually see and find what you do own you are less likely to hop over to the store on a drop of the hat to buy something new. It’s counterintuitive but the less you own, the less you buy. For example now that I have a wardrobe with only clothing items I love to wear I always find an option that I like and don’t feel the impulse to go out and buy a new outfit just because.

5. You start dreaming bigger dreams – Clearing up physical space in turn clears up mental space. Instead of worrying about where you put your uggs you can free up your mind to think on more important things, like what you want your legacy to be and how to help others. You don’t realize how much of your mental space is clogged up by excess junk until you get rid of all the extra stuff.

6. You’re social life starts flourishing – Instead of feeling embarrassed by a cluttered unorganized home, you’ll be itching to invite people over to your beautiful and tidy space. Due to all this hosting you’ll create a deeper connection with people and foster some amazing relationships.

7. Decision making becomes easier – Getting rid of unwanted items is a laborious process but it does make you much better at deciding what your likes and dislikes are. There is no better way to let go of false pretenses about yourself than to donate that old ribbon dancing leotard. Learning what you prioritize is a key to growing as a person.

8. You feel inspired to give back to others – There is something addicting about donating all you stuff to goodwill. I purposefully scour my apartment to see if there is anything I can donate for fun. This desire spills over into your everyday life and you start to notice when other people mention something they need.

As you can see life is better decluttered, if you struggle with clutter and don’t know how to claw your way out from under the junk take my Udemy Course “30 Days To Decluttered Bliss” and reap the many benefits of the course.

The birds will chirp, the sun will shine upon you, the only downside to downsizing is you’ll want to keep getting rid of stuff and you might drive your family crazy…