Middle children can’t be choosers. They are too busy trying to not be forgotten. I have four wonderfully interesting & quirky siblings. I am smack dab in the middle, like a chips ahoy cremewhich.


(watch the add for a dose of advertising nostalgia, you won’t regret it)



*experiences immediate regret*

Hand-me-downs were a natural part of life and while it allowed me a happily low-maintenance disposition I also lacked a certain sense of my own ‘style’ for a long time. I was accustomed to simply accepting what was literally handed down to me which meant when I became an adult I received a lot of freedom of choice but was truely unsure of what things I loved and what I just adopted into my life due to convenience.

Suffering from chronic indecision typically doesn’t cause too much damage but it can be irritating when everyone else is ready to order at the restaurant and you’re not.

Becoming a minimalist has changed my life in numerous positive ways but this specific benefit is one that can be easily overlooked. Forcing yourself to take notice of everything you own and forcing yourself to make a decision about it trains whatever part of your brain sorts the likes and dislikes. After going through 20 trash bags of items you realize your decision-making muscle has grown quite large and like muscle memory you’re able to make choices quickly that previously would’ve tormented you for hours.

Now I am by no means the most decisive person in the world now, but I am much more capable of deciding, choosing, etc. I have to be completely honest here, there is a stuffed bear (aptly named bear) from my childhood that I’ve been unable to make a decision on. On the one hand it’s my most treasured childhood toy but on the other hand it’s germ-infested and purpose-less. I don’t have the heart to throw it away, I can’t donate it because like I said it’s in rough shape, and I have no reason to keep it around. So if anyone has any advice on what to do with a treasure childhood stuffed bear I’m all ears!!

I highly recommend that everyone should try to downsize their things. The benefits are amazing! Who doesn’t want to know a little bit more about themselves! So go take a Saturday and clean out your closet or your kitchen do-dads. You’ll be amazed at how much you won’t miss when it’s gone